What is nutru?

We are a Zurich-based startup founded to develop healthy, fitness- orientated and/or vegan food and beverage alternatives. nutru aims to provide products that taste great, provide health benefits and meet the ongoing shift towards a plant-based diet.

What is plant power-coffee?

Our plant power-coffee is a tasty ready-to-drink cold-brew coffee combined with functional ingredients to get your day going and support a sustained energy boost. Each of our 5 key ingredients have been carefully selected and each play their own role in creating the optimal coffee experience for on the go.

Why mct oil?

Derived from coconuts, medium-chained triglyceride (mct) oil in combination with coffee is designed to give your brain and body a boost without the crash.

Why cold-brew coffee?

The brewing process of cold-brew coffee ensures that the coffee grounds aren't exposed to elevated temperatures, resulting in a smoother and less bitter taste. This also means it needs less sweetener to get the desired taste which means we were able to make an all-round healthier and tastier product.

Where can I buy nutru’s products?

At the moment you can buy our products online and if you subscribe to our newsletter, we will update you on all the other amazing places that will start holding our products soon.

Why oat drink?

Oat drink has proven itself as one of the most popular dairy alternatives to consumers and this for good reason. It is compatible with a great variety of diets and food intolerances and has great nutritional value. In addition to that, oat drink has a comparatively low carbon footprint.

Why plant protein?

Proteins play a vital role in ensuring proper body function. Including protein in your diet can have countless benefits such as increasing muscle mass and strength, boosting metabolism and increasing bone health. We found that 12g of protein per portion was a healthy balance between getting you the additional protein you need without impacting texture or heaviness of the drink. Pea protein is one of the most environmentally friendly plant-based alternatives to animal protein whilst also exhibiting a high protein content.

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